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In a perfect world…

…each of us would have enough time to do it all… envision, create, and deliver everything for our personal lives and the business world! Unfortunately, that is not always the case. How many of you know someone who is so busy taking care of those everyday life and business needs that they either forget to take care of themselves, or lose time to work on growing their business forward? Or even worse, they are no longer living a balanced and fulfilling life and are stuck in “overwhelm and burnout” mode?

That’s where we come in.

We support business professionals in re-energizing their bodies and businesses so that they are free to do what it is that they do best! If you would like to wake up one day and realize that you are living and working within your full potential, contact us for your personalized discovery session and begin living the optimal you!

Charge Forward

Success Blueprints Built To Your Specific Needs

  • Move from Distraction-to-Action: Double, triple, and 10X your profits
  • Eliminate overwhelm and burnout
  • Turn Entrepreneurial ADD into your new superpower!
  • Develop new perceptions and belief systems
  • Discover new possibilities and entrepreneurial out-of-the-box thinking
  • Understand how to fuel your energy and live your purpose
  • Finding more time for YOU!
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  • Business
  • Individual
Improving Performance for Work, Life & Health…
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Dr. Elisa Magill

Specializing in…

Performance Improvement, Change Management, and Avoiding Burnout.

Elisa earned her Ph.D. from the California School of Professional Psychology / Marshall Goldsmith School of Business, in San Diego, CA and has over 25 years Combined Professional Experience in both the Corporate and Academic Environments.

Program Focus

Emotional Intelligence, Resiliency, Leadership Development, Management Skills, Team Building, and Executive Coaching

Educational Seminars

Understanding the Individual, Promoting Personal and Organizational Wellness

Live life by design, not default.

Live your purpose!

Dr. Magill has spent decades studying the brain and individual differences. Her expertise is in business psychology, emotional intelligence, and resiliency.

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