Current Programs Offered Include:

Distraction to Action

Are you seeking structure that focuses and drives the energy of all creative thoughts and out-of-the box ideas in the desired direction with minimal distractions?

The Optimal You

Need to redesign where and how your team focuses their efforts, as well as the tools used to get there?

Customized Consulting Plans

Want to create a positive organizational culture, decrease absenteeism and turnover, and increase worker engagement, productivity and profits?


It is important for any business venture to start out with and continue with periodic checkups such as the one provided through this staple program.  Without a strategy, it is like taking water – the most powerful force – and just pouring it onto the ground.  You had it, you did something with it, but it is gone just like that… wasted.

With strategy and action, it is like building the pipe, then sending the water through that pipe intentionally guiding it in the desired direction.  Once it reaches that location, it arrives with force and is intentional and useful as designed!  This program is that structure, or the pipe, that focuses and drives the energy of all creative thoughts and out-of-the box ideas in the desired direction with minimal distractions.

With this program, the business owner may finally connect big picture goals with the daily to-do’s.  In other words, the employee or business owner will be working smarter, not harder, by performing the types of duties that will help them to reach the important (or SMART) goals versus spending their day being “busy,” but getting nothing strategic or significant done.

After participating in Distraction-to-Action, the participant walks away with their own job description and performance plan, set up in a way that helps them to get more productive work done in half the time.  Increased time freedom = better overall health, increased productivity, job satisfaction, and profits! Statistically, this has been shown to save companies potentially millions of dollars.

Tammy Elkins, Advanced Alternative Concepts, Inc.

The result was a much more cohesive management team…

“Elisa is an excellent trainer and coach. In working with our company, she enabled our top management to identify their EQ, and relate to others more effectively and improve communications…” [More]

Kim Villanueva, Gafcon, Inc.

A Superb Response from my Team…

“Elisa is detailed-oriented and knowledgeable in a variety of training topics. She trained my senior management team on Emotional Intelligence and had a superb response… [More]

The Optimal You

This program focuses on understanding Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and how we can use it to:

  1. Personally identify our emotional “triggers” to change unproductive behaviors;
  2. Listen to our own physical needs as communicated through changes in our bodies, which may affect our personal attitudes, behaviors, and overall health/wellness (when we give so much to everyone else, we can forget – or ignore – our own needs);
  3. Using EQ to step back and reanalyze where we are in our business and where our main focus resides.

At times, we get so busy “digging our holes” in work, that we forget to step back out of that hole to reassess the scenery (so to speak)… are we digging in the right direction?  Is there a flood coming?  What are others doing around us?  Are they using a new and productive digging tool while we’re still using only a shovel? Once reassessed, we may need to redesign where and how we focus our efforts, as well as the tools we use to get us there.

Karen Cunningham, CEO, First Step Athletics

WOW! I discovered so many things about myself…

“I cannot say enough good about your program The Optimal You! WOW, I discovered so many things about myself, but also learned what I was doing in my company to cause distractions. I was so caught up on getting work done, seeing clients and creating new material. I discovered through your program how to slow down, take time to reflect and see if I am on track with my vision. I also had my eyes opened to so many areas in my business, I was missing opportunities by rushing through so many things… [More]

Customized Consulting Plans

These plans not only include personalized research for your organization’s needs and concerns, but are also built to include coaching and training services for workplace teams. Plans can last anywhere from three months to one year ideally for positive and lasting change to occur.

Executive/leadership coaching is included in all programs to keep leaders on the same page so that all can support positive change and grow together within the team and organization as a whole.  This helps to create a positive and productive organizational culture, decrease absenteeism and turnover, while increasing worker engagement, productivity, collaboration, satisfaction, and profits! [Contact Us]


Performance Improvement, Change Management, Avoiding Burnout, Conflict Resolution, Emotional Intelligence, Resiliency, Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, Management Skills, Team Building, Relationship Management, Motivational Speaker, Health and Wellness Coach.