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What if I told you that you could lose up to 82% of your customers due to poor customer service practices amongst your staff? It’s true.


Do you know what the “silver bullet” is to make true positive change for the corporate culture with the end-goal of increased productivity?


What if you lose 90% of your key employees and high performers due to strained working relationships and/or poor job conditions?


What if I told you that you could lose up to 82% of your customers due to poor customer service practices amongst your staff? Sound outrageous? Unfortunately, this is a true statistic! According to a Customer Experience Impact Report from RightNow Technologies, this is the percentage of customers lost. Do you want this to be you? More than likely, if you are reading this, you are the type of professional who wishes to implement best practices to prevent this sort of statistic from appearing at your company.

When analyzed, most of these factors are reported to be connected to the level of human interaction, i.e., how customers are treated when working with your employees, and how well their concerns are first met and then handled.

The bottom-line is that people want to be around those that make them feel good about themselves. They also want to trust that the company will do whatever possible to make them happy. This earns and keeps loyal, repeat customers!

Using theories of emotional intelligence research, Envision This! specialists will work with you to create a training and/or executive coaching program intended to:

  • Increase customer service skills for employees
  • Increase customer loyalty/retention
  • Increase trust and rapport between team members and customers
  • Increase quality and number of referrals
  • Decrease rate of complaints and negative evaluations
  • Increase collaboration between employees
  • Increase individual and group productivity
  • Increase the bottom-line profit and revenues

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Elisa is detailed-oriented and knowledgeable in a variety of training topics. Elisa trained my senior management team on Emotional Intelligence and had a superb response from the team. She was able to explain a complex topic in terms that all levels of learners understood and applied. I would highly recommend her.

Kim Villanueva

Human Resources Professional


Leadership. Culture. Performance. Executive Coaching. Organizational Development. Change Management. Organizational Structure. Productivity.

According to Gallup’s CEO, Jim Clifton’s article, Are You Sure You Have a Great Workplace Culture? With over 40 years of research, they found the difference between a good corporation and a great one starts not with the employees, but with the team leaders/managers. They called this the “silver bullet,” to make true positive change for the corporate culture with the end-goal of increased productivity. Here are some interesting facts:

  • 70% variance in culture is due to the actions of the manager (knowledge, talent, skills), not the employee alone.
  • Perception of the leader needs to change from “command-and-control” to one of “increased development, purpose, and strengths-based coaching.”
  • Only 30% felt they were included in the goal-setting process with their managers. Those that did felt they were included and were 3.6X more likely to be engaged, which increases organizational commitment and productivity.
    • Only 21% felt that the performance metrics given were within their control.
    • Only 2 out of 10 employees felt their performance plan motivated them to improve performance.
    • 51% of the workforce reported not feeling “engaged” at work. They are indifferent overall and considered a risk factor.
    • Most desire motivation and inspiration, but not with quotes and “feelings-based” messages, but with tangible support, such as clear expectations/guidelines, opportunities to grow, engagement through inclusion, etc.
  • According to Gallup’s article, The Right Culture, Not About Employee Happiness, highly engaged employees show:
    • Demonstrated 41% reduction in absenteeism.
    • Incur a 17% higher productivity level.
    • Achieve a 24% reduction in turnover (in high turnover organizations).
    • Achieve a 59% reduction in turnover (in low turnover organizations).
    • Receive 10% increase in customer ratings.
    • Receive 20% increase in sales.
    • Overall, 21% greater profitability.

With these statistics in mind, it is vital for any forward-thinking organization to consider utilizing the proper tools to empower employees to fine-tune and sustain their company for future growth and prosperity.

Let Envision This! specialists work with you to create the right-fit training and coaching program to groom leadership on how to steer your organization in the right direction, taking it from what Jim Collins wrote about in his book… a good to great company!

Focus areas also include effective mentoring and performance improvement practices, change management, succession planning, building trust and rapport, and brain-based leadership.

Organizational structural specialties include organizational development, redesign, flow charts, job descriptions, performance gap analyses and executive coaching initiatives.

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Elisa was tasked with putting together a leadership program for one of our locations management team. With a little research, she put together a three day program which involved the DISC and EQ evaluations and training. The training has been well received and has shined a light on some communication issues. The participants have enjoyed the lessons and insight that Elisa has been presenting. Her insight has already led to advancements and planning of successful methods to improve our team.

Her training is very engaging and her energy has been a treat to the classroom. She has definitely been an asset to our team and will be a resource in the future.

Additionally, she has taken personal time to go above and beyond with executive coaching and assisting in numerous areas of business communication and development. Thank you for your time and assistance is developing our team to a new level of excellence.

Geoffrey Birch

Director of Safety and Compliance, Harbor Rail Services Company

Elisa is an excellent trainer and coach. In working with our company, she enabled our top management to identify their EQ, and relate to others more effectively and improve communications. The result was a much more cohesive management team. I’m looking forward to working with Elisa again!

Tammy Elkins

Human Resources Professional


Teamwork & Communications Training. Team Retreats. Trust and Rapport Workshops. DISC Profile Workshops. Emotional Intelligence Workshops & Coaching. Corporate Wellness Programs.

How would you like to lose 90% of your key employees and high performers due to strained working relationships and/or poor job conditions? Or due to the lack of true work-life balance initiatives? According to the Gallup, 35% of the workforce will leave their company, and 91% of those leaving do so in order to secure a new job at a new company that offers better opportunities as well as increased work-life balance. Don’t let this be you!

Instead, would you like to be the leader whose legacy is designing and leading your company and team to be recognized as a desired company to work for? One where top performers contact you to work with your company? One where employee turnover is greatly reduced? To do so, it is important to create collaborative work teams that trust and work efficiently together. One where a “back-stabbing” environment, or a culture of harassment is not tolerated. One where the 4-letter word, “Life” is allowed to be spoken out loud! What does that look like? The answer depends on where you are at today and where you would like to be tomorrow. We can help you get there.

Work with Envision This! specialists to design a program to improve work-life balance, team performance, communication, collaboration, trust and rapport. By doing so, you will:

  • Decrease turnover
  • Decrease workers’ compensation claims
  • Decrease Absenteeism
  • Increase worker satisfaction
  • Increase productivity
  • Increase your company’s visibility and recognition as a top company to work for
  • Improve corporate culture
  • Increase bottom-line profits

There’s nothing more important to your bottom-line than the effectiveness of those making your vision come to life. Vision is a great start… but add to it a competent team with the same workplace values and work ethic, then you can start to experience true success. With Envision This! your team will understand how to apply new research and learnings to your workplace to improve business processes and your bottom-line!

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