Dr. Elisa Magill,

I cannot say enough good about your program “The Optimal You”!  WOW, I discovered so many things about myself, but also learned what I was doing in my company to cause distractions. I was so caught up on getting work done, seeing clients and creating new material. I discovered through your program how to slow down, take time to reflect and see if I am on track with my vision. I also had my eyes opened to so many areas in my business, I was missing opportunities by rushing through so many things.

You had me check into my mindset and look at what I was REALLY thinking and putting out there!  I will now take time to make sure I am on track!

The coverage of time management for me, dealing with all the distractions is beyond priceless!! I have eliminated the “noise” on so many levels.  I could write a book on all the benefits your course has given me!  I will be checking in with myself on a regular basis thanks to you!!

Please keep me on your email list for any future programs you develop!  I would be happy to be a reference of this program!

Karen Cunningham

CEO, First Step Athletics

Elisa is an excellent trainer and coach. In working with our company, she enabled our top management to identify their EQ, and relate to others more effectively and improve communications. The result was a much more cohesive management team. I’m looking forward to working with Elisa again!

Tammy Elkins

Director of Human Resources, Advanced Alternative Concepts, Inc.

Elisa is a fantastic career coach, she was a great help to me after being laid off last year. Elisa took creative avenues and gave great advice to help me get my next position. She is very caring and a great listener. Her out of the box thinking, vast knowledge, personable demeanor are I feel her greatest assets. Elisa is a special person and will succeed in any endeavor she takes on.

Steve Lasseigne

Financial Services Professional

I loved working with Elisa! She was there for me when I needed her guidance and support. She was willing to go the extra mile for me and, although I know she had other clients, I was given one on one attention.  She is an excellent confidence booster, problem solver and creative thinker. I would hire her again in a heart beat!

Elizabeth Hunt

Senior Catering Manager, South Coast Winery Resort & Spa

I was fortunate to receive Elisa as my career coach when my job was impacted last year. Elisa was always a consummate professional, she made sure to connect with me on a weekly basis to ensure that my professional needs were met (fine tuning my resume, practicing mock behavioral interviews, recommending pertinent webinars, practicing our elevator speeches). Elisa has that personal touch. She was a pleasure to work with, never intimidating, easy to talk to and always approachable. I was encouraged to reach out to her even after our sessions concluded. Elisa took the extra step to create a networking group with her impacted clients. She created a forum in which attendees always felt free to ask questions, practice interviewing techniques, create work plans and share job leads and interview experiences. I found the forum to be very beneficial. I know that Elisa will be successful in any endeavor that she takes on.

Shannon Ledoux

HR Generalist

Elisa is detailed-oriented and knowledgeable in a variety of training topics. Elisa trained my senior management team on Emotional Intelligence and had a superb response from the team. She was able to explain a complex topic in terms that all levels of learners understood and applied. I would highly recommend her.

Kim Villanueva

Director of Human Resources, Gafcon, Inc.

Elisa’s greatest attribute is her ability to connect with an individual on a personal level. Regardless of her schedule and appointments, she is reliable and always responds in a timely manner. I had the opportunity to work one on one with her recently, and I have gained invaluable knowledge from her expertise. She taught me things from a different perspective, which I did not take into account before. She really cares about success, and most importantly, her clients’ overall success. I would highly recommend Elisa!

Bill Salloum

Branch Manager 3, Credit Union of Southern California

Elisa was the best thing to happen to me when I lost my job. I had no idea what to expect after being laid off, but she gave me the tools to gather all of my resources and sort them out which enabled me to make decisions regarding what direction to take.

Elisa encouraged me to start my own business and it was the best decision I ever made. As a career coach, she shared many priceless tips and suggestions, which I still use. She always kept a positive and professional attitude delivered with a smile. I recommend Elisa’s services to anyone looking for a career change, or just a career brush -up.

Warren Becoat

Becoat Photography

I was lucky enough to have Elisa assigned to me as a career coach when I was laid off. Elisa not only has the personality to be a career coach but the knowledge to back it up. Everything I learned and the encouragement she gave me throughout the time I worked with her prepared me for everything that came my way. I recently interviewed and accepted a new position where they not only complemented me on how well my resume was written but how well I interviewed. I felt that I was confident and prepared as a result of my time spent with Elisa. Anyone who is looking career coach would definitely benefit in choosing Elisa.

Sarah Quinn

Product Development Coordinator, Disneyland Resort

Dr. Magill is an outstanding professor and mentor. She is an admirable person for all that she has accomplished and for what she continues to do in attaining professional growth. I appreciated Dr. Magill’s teaching style because she was very personable as well as interactive with her students. There was never a dull moment in any of her classes. She always had the upbeat personality that uplifted everyone in class. Not only was she one of the best professors that I have had in my undergraduate experience but she has been and continues to be a great mentor and role model. Dr. Magill is a person of full professionalism who is always ethical in her manner as well dependable. With her motivation, experience, education, and knowledge she will continue to make a difference in the lives of many who aspire the same goals that I have for educational and professional growth.

Abby Salazar

Clinical Forensic Psychologist