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ENVISION THIS! Improving Performance for Work, Life & Health…

In a perfect world, each of us would have enough time to do it all… envision, create, and deliver everything for our personal lives and the business world!  Unfortunately, that is not always the case.  How many of you know someone who is so busy taking care of those everyday life and business needs that they either forget to take care of themselves, or lose time to work on growing their business forward?  Or even worse, they are no longer living a balanced and fulfilling life and are stuck in “overwhelm and burnout” mode?

That’s where we come in.  We support business professionals in re-energizing their bodies and businesses so that they are free to do what it is that they do best!  If you would like to wake up one day and realize that you are living and working within your full potential, contact us for your personalized discovery session and begin living the optimal you!



A successful business needs to start out with, and continue with, periodic checkups such as through this staple program. Without a strategy, you’re taking water – the most powerful force – and pouring it on the ground. [Read More]


The Optimal You

At times, we get so busy “digging our holes” in work, that we forget to step back out of that hole to reassess the scenery (so to speak)… are we digging in the right direction? Is there a flood coming?
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Customized Consulting Plans

These plans not only include personalized research for your organization’s needs and concerns, but are also built to include coaching and training services for workplace teams.
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I had the opportunity to work one on one with her recently, and I have gained invaluable knowledge from her expertise. She taught me things from a different perspective, which I did not take into account before.

Bill Salloum

Branch Manager 3, Credit Union of Southern California

The coverage of time management for me, dealing with all the distractions is beyond priceless!! I have eliminated the “noise” on so many levels. I could write a book on all the benefits your course has given me! I will be checking in with myself on a regular basis thanks to you!!

Karen Cunningham

CEO, First Step Athletics

Everything I learned and the encouragement she gave me throughout the time I worked with Elisa prepared me for everything that came my way… I felt confident and prepared as a result of my time spent with her.

Sarah Quinn

Product Development Coordinator, Disneyland Resort

About Dr. Elisa Magill

Elisa, CEO and Founder of Envision This! specializes in Performance Improvement, Change Management, and Avoiding Burnout. She earned her Ph.D. from the California School of Professional Psychology / Marshall Goldsmith School of Business, in San Diego, CA and has over 25 years Combined Professional Experience in both the Corporate and Academic Environments.

Elisa’s focus has always been on helping others reach their true potential by first identifying their key strengths, and then building the confidence and skills required… empowering them to attain a life they may have once only dreamed about.

The dream (or vision) comes first, believing in that vision and refining skills comes second, then setting up the strategy or steps to get there turns dreams into reality. [Read More]

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Performance Improvement, Change Management, Avoiding Burnout, Conflict Resolution, Emotional Intelligence, Resiliency, Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, Management Skills, Team Building, Relationship Management, Motivational Speaker, Health and Wellness Coach.